XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1
TVT Records

XTC's _Apple Venus volume 1_ is their first album since 1992's Nonsuch, and
represents the music that the two remaining members, Colin Moulding and
Andy Partridge, have compiled over that period.  The songs on this album
continue the movement toward well-orchestrated, cleanly-produced music that
XTC have been making since the mid-eighties.  This is an extremely
accessible album which could be appreciated by parents, children, and
enthusiasts alike due to its full exploitation of XTC's wide pop music
sensibility.  Track 2, "I'd Like That," is the first single off the album,
and contains clever lyrics and acoustic guitars.  Two tracks that greatly
display the pop music production wizardry of XTC would be 3, "Easter
Theatre," and 6, "Greenman".
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